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Independent Sales Agents

An Independent Sales Agent is an agent that opted for the free registration by signing up. An ID code is issued to all ISAs, that must be  used when registering prospective customers for accounting purposes.

Benefits for ISAs

Monthly Commission

An ISA receives monthly commissions from every on line purchases from the registered individual which is £5.00 paid directly into their account.

Illustration: If an ISA works 8 hours per day registering 1 person per hour that would be 8 persons per day and 40 per week, 160 per month and 1920 persons for one year of working.

If 10 percent uses shop4me247 on a month basis, an ISA will receive £80 or £960 respectively.


All ISAs have the opportunity of being trained on marketing and customer relationship on monthly basis.



We have an exceptional opportunities for ISAs of high performance in relations to their sales level to be promoted to become Executive Independent Sales Agent (EISA) and awards during the annual dinner party.

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