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Executive Independent Sales Agent

Becoming an EISA is through registration with payment of £100 joining fee and for those willing to develop their business further with little resources to recruit and support ISAs. 

The EISAs are able to develop their business model by recruiting Independent Sales Agent who does the day to day marketing of our various services such as online shopping, procurements and goods. The EISAs are issued with ID codes which unique and used for every ISA recruited for accounting purposes. 


Benefits (EISA)


Monthly commission from every sales shipped to Nigeria worth #5.00 each completed shipment. Illustration: An EISA recruiting 10 ISAs who works 8 hours a day registering 1 person per hour will have 8 persons by end of day work. Therefore, total persons registered will be 80 for the day and for one week will be 400 signed persons or 1600 for a month.

If 10 percent signed persons shopped in a month that would be either 40 or 160 sales. Thus we will pay out #200.00 for 40 sales or #800.00 for 160 sales in a month to an EISA.

Trainings and Networking Events: An EISA registered member of our organisation would be trained on customer services, people management skills, marketing etc. An EISA will be able to attend our quarterly networking event where opportunities are shared and new deals are shared.


Annual Award and Dinner Night for all EISAs organised by management of which is a UK based company called Manny Groups Limited. At the annual dinner night awards are giving to highly performing Agents and gratitude from the management of Shop4me247.

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